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I purchased 3 identical items from Signature Hardware. I only used one item and it proved unsatisfatory but took over 30 days to demonstrate it's inferior workmanship.

I did not even ask for compensation for the inferior product but I just wanted to return the 2 unused, unopened items. Signature refused to accept the unused items and refused to even discuss options. Communications requesting access to management have been ignored.

Every other online vendor from whom I have ordered have either returned the purchanse price in cash or have given credit on other merchandize even months after the orignial order. Now I'm stuck with 2 useless items and I'm out the cash.

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This Customer purchased these toilet seat hinges more than 1 year ago (9/1/09 to be exact). If there is a defect we are more than happy to repair or replace the hinge under warranty.

These hinges are made from brass and we are at a loss to understand how they "fell apart".

However, as stated, we will repair or replace the hinge if it is defective. Sorry, we do not accept returns from 1 year ago.

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